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India, in the modern world, is as relavant today as it was in the beginning of the 17th Centuary( as the richest country in the world). It is now the seventh largest nation, has the second largest population and the largest democracy in the world.
The purpose of this website is literally to "discover India"- a nation which is the mother of three of the major world world religions: Hinduism, Budhism and Sikhism( and many more besides), and a nation which has a rich history- something which this site wishes to do justice to.
The aim therefore is not only for people from other nations to discover India, but also for Indians to realize what India was like as a "Mother Nation". It is also an useful way for me to learn more about a nation, which is now stricken with poverty and religious division.

This site will, I hope grow to be an all inclusive view of India's past, present and maybe even possible futures...



Used since the 1920s as the flag for the Indian National Congress (designed by Pingali Venkayya) , it replaced the British Indian Flag on the 15 of August 1947, and became the Offical Indian Flag.
The Orange( safforn) represents Hindus, the Green represents Muslims and in the center, the white represents unity, and the wheel shown is Ahoka's "Wheel of Law" from the 3rd Century BC.   
Pandit Nehru called it the flag of "freedom for the people".

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