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The Coming of and the "invasion" of the Aryans


TIME PERIOD: 2500BC - 1500BC

Who are/were the Aryans?
It is likely that the word "Aryan", like "Swastika", is in the Modern World is linked directly to Adolf Hitler. It is known that these people were proud and called themselves the Aryans meaning "Noble".
However the "original" Aryans were infact normadic peoples who came to India over the mountains.
They were originally settlers in eastern Europe, and their language Sanskrit was the basis of the European mother language Latin. They moved however from the areas of modern day Poland and settled in various areas of Asia and the Middle East, (though the Salvoic peoples, such as the Greeks and some Romans are decended from part of the Aryan peoples who decided to remain in Euope).
Those who went to the Middle-East, choose different areas in wich to live. Some decided to stay in Iran( where Zoroastrian was originally concieved from the first Aryan prophet Zarathushtra). Zoroastrians today still following his teachings of a monotheistic religion( one god), and it is probable that this religion was the bases of Judaism.
However some Aryans travelled further, over the Hindu Krush mountains and into the rich, farming valleys of the Harappains.
There history does not account for whether Aryans peacefully migrated there and intergated into their culture, or whether (as some evidence suggests) the Aryans came with Chariots and horses burning the Harappians and then settling in Modern West India- the Punjab.
This race is now called the "Indo-Aryans" as to show the difference between the semi-normadic invadors and the Dravdians of southern India. (At the moment around 72% of Indians are Indo-Aryans and 25% are Dravidians).
How they Spread
The Aryans were ever in search for rich soil where they could settle and take their numerous animals. Moving eastward they came across the Ganga( or the Ganges). Eventually the whole of northern India was under Aryan influence and the new country was called: "Aryavarta" (the land of Aryans).
The Aryans were split into many tribes: Anus, Druhyus, Yadus, Turvasas  and Purus being but a few. They fought continualy amoungst themselves and the Dravidians( named by the Aryans as they were the "dark skinned people").
These dark-skinned people were soon to become under class of caste society.
The tribe was split up into the posistions of the king; the Purohita( a philospher and friends to the king- these people would become the Brahims) and there was the Senani( leader of the army) and Gramani( head of the village).
Interestingly the Aryan society was not an absolutist monarchy, but really the beginnings of a democratic society. Similar to the House of Lords and the House of Commons, there were two "parties" which met and told the king what to do, they were the Sabha and the Samiti. The king's reponisbilty was the welfare of the sate, and was more of a Judge then a complete court in one. But he wasn't entirely a figure head.

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