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Harappan Civilization

The Harappan Civilisation: The Times and History of

TIME PERIOD: 3000BC - 1700BC

The Harappan Civilisation was based in the Indus Valley, and though there are suggestions of civilisations in India- notably in the regions of South India and Sri Lanka- before this period, the Indus Valley civilisation is generally excepted as the first Indian Civilisation- now in modern day Pakistan.
This map from:, shows us the general area in which this civilisation was based.
It is thought that the Harappans were an advanced peoples, who lived peacefully, and cultivated land. They provide the bases of the modern day religion of Hinduism, as well as show how some of the intellectual advances of Science( notably maths- ie algreba, ect) and literure( its many languages).
The Harappan civilisation was eventually( around the 1700BC) taken over by Aryan invaders.

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