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History of the Indian Subcontinent

Indian Subcontinent through the Ages.

This is an ever expanding area of this site, which allows the viewer to see Indian History in prospective of its enitre long history. However due to the partitions and so on, the content here is not just about Indian, but of the countries which make up the Indian Subcontinent, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afganistan and numerous other areas.
Below is a brief timeline which will lead you onto relavant pages within this webiste- or if information is not contained here, links to relavant websites.

Coming of Buddhism
Alexander the Great
Mauryan Empire
Golden Age of Art
Gupta Dynasty
Spread of Buddhism
Coming of the Huns
Spread of Indian Influence
Muhammed of Ghor
Arrival of Marco Polo
Muslim invasions
Coming of the Mongols
Babur and the Mughuls
Mughul Period
European Empires
British India
Freedom Fighters
Partition and Republics
Post Paritition Times and Wars
Modern day India

The information in the pages above is a mixture of writtings from me and different websites.